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What the heck is a "contraception mentality"?

This issue is far beyond one of the type of morality the most churches espouse. It's about the destruction of lives and social fabric. Would we chastise a man for failing to have a fire extinguisher on hand while his house burns down before our eyes? Let's rescue the occupants, put out the fire, set about rebuilding and then teach a lesson on household safety.


I think for a non-Catholic Christian (like myself) to be intellectually honest, I need to give a little more Grace to the Catholic Church's position on contraception & AIDS. Catholic theology teaches that using artificial contraception is a sin. I disagree, but that's the theology.

Do we really want to tell them that endorsing sin is the way to prevent harm?

For a comparison that might speak better to protestants, how would we respond to this suggestion for reducing teen pregnancy and STD's?

Encourage teens to seek out partners for mutual masturbation, and to use pornography to satisfy their sexual desires when a ready partner is not available.

This suggestion would probably work to reduce pregnancies and STD infections in the same respect that condom distribution in would reduce HIV infections. But would we really expect Protestant denominations to sign off on this?

I think that the Catholic Church is wrong about contraception. But if I want to respect their place in the Christian community, (and if I actually want to change their minds), I think it would be a better idea to try and show them the theological mistake that led to this place. I suspect that calling them to "move things along a little" will simply sound like "conform to the world, it makes more sense".


I wish there were an easy answer to this. My heart goes out especially to the kids born with HIV in Africa - including those born within faithful marriages because one or other parent is already infected.

condoms do not have to mean promiscuous lifestyles, but while any denomination teachers that all contraception is sinful whatever the circumstances, this epidemic continues.



The pope is right insofar as abstinence is an excellent way to avoid HIV/AIDS. However, it's certainly not "fail safe" - which means, by definition, that a failure will still leave you safe!

Similarly, faithfulness to one's spouse isn't fail safe - not least because you needn't fail yourself (spousal unfaithfulness can lead to your getting HIV/AIDS without yourself being unfaithful).

Condoms aren't failsafe either - but are more failsafe than either of the above two, especially when combined.

pax et bonum



Looks like the extra money will be given straight to other governments rather then to humanitarian groups in Canada in the future. I just hope those governments are as concerned about the poor in their country as the Canadian government thinks they are.


blaming contraceptives for the 'break down' of morality is idiotic (sorry, don't mean to be disrespectful). i abhor this notion that somehow because there has been some periods of history when there might not have been rampant sexuality and perversion that this is a NEW thing.

there was a much perversion and 'lack of morality' during jesus' time as there is today. i mean really now, maybe when we get to temple prostitution in north america we might have the level of debauchery they had in jesus' time. this illusion that the cause of all of this is a condom or birth control pills? it's ridiculous.

since before sodom and gomorrah things have been screwed up sexually - that is not going to change because sick people are told not to use condoms, or women to keep pumping out babies.

this is faulty logic and needs to be shown for what it is. the catholic church can limit birth control if they so choose, but basing their decision on this poor foundation is truly senseless.

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