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My name is Mike Todd.

What can I say? I have a story like everyone else.

After a dozen years on Bay Street wearing a suit, tie and Bostonians, my wife Sue and I sold off, packed up and moved out to North Vancouver. Now the corporate uniform is fleece and hiking shoes. I split my time between Linwood House Ministries, blogging, a little construction work, and hanging out with the whatever - our little faith community where we are trying to figure out what it means to be apprentices of Jesus Christ. We've tried being believers, but we're no longer convinced that's what He had in mind.

Any time I have left over I sit in coffee shops talking to people about any and all of the above.

Why Waving or Drowning?

UPDATE: We've waved goodbye to North Vancouver and now live in community with friends here in Delta. Naturally, we call this place Delta House, which admittedly sounds a little like a frat house....